Album «The Sviatoslav Richter Memorial Apartment. Guide book»

Артикул GMII-001-00013
Язык Английский
Автор- Л.Э. Кренкель
Выходные данные ISBN 5-901685-84-9. ИПЦ «Художник и книга». Москва 2004

Sviatoslav Richter gave his first concert at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Volkhonka on 14 April, 1949. He played two Beethoven sonatas and Nina Dorliak sang some Schubert songs. It was only later that we realised the full significance of this event.
I was fortunate enough to know the great musician personally and occasionally take part in realising some of his projects. For me he opened up worlds that I would never otherwise have entered. He did this not on purpose, but simply by being there.
Irina Antonova

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